The Global Marketplace is a family owned and operated community marketplace that sells many handcrafted items made by economically impoverished people in developing regions of the world. We at The Global Marketplace believe that each village in the world represents a unique, distinctive group of people. Our goal is to create economic opportunities for craftspeople around the world through the practice of Fair Trade and attempt to increase global understanding by telling these talented artisans’ stories.

Kevin & Denise Frahm, owners

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  • Traveling through Michigan and want to find a Fair Trade store? Check out this map!
  • The Global Marketplace is located at 115 West Middle Street in Chelsea. Parking is available on the street, in a municipal lot just behind the store, and in a municipal lot on the North side of Main Street.
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Principles of Fair Trade:

  • Paying a dignified fair price to artisans and farmers for their products.
  • Developing long-term, sustainable relationships with our producer groups.
  • Encouraging eco-friendly, sustainable practices.
  • Preserving cultural knowledge and identity.
  • Educating consumers of the importance of a fairer trading system.
  • Offering hope and dignity.